ten things to know about her

1. She is nearly always on time. Usually, she is early

2. She is empathetic before she is practical

3. Her first kiss broke her nose

4. She is in the process of acquiring her Master of Social Work (MSW)

5. Her eyesight is very good

6. She memorized JFK's inaugural address in high school (she has since forgotten most of it)

7. She dreams of seeing the Russian ballet and being rocked to sleep by Terry Crews

8. Her first real crush was on the cartoon Danny Phantom

9. She makes truly wonderful chocolate chip cookies (the secret is a chopped––but not finely chopped––chocolate bar instead of chocolate chips)

10. She loves a numbered list


likes & dislikes


she likes

movie trailers, well-worn denim, peonies, whipped cream, lavender & eucalyptus, scrabble, the colour blue, string instruments in rock songs, white flowers, Snow Patrol, Boston accents, and movies about big fish.

she doesn't like

squirrels, peanut allergies, horror movies, pennies, small suitcases at airports, red roses, eyeliner, split ends, when people have to chase after the bus, peas in fried rice and pot pie, shoelaces, and fruit for dessert.